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CRA says I didn't pay enough support... got dinged on my tax refund

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  • CRA says I didn't pay enough support... got dinged on my tax refund

    Anyone else deal with this? They state in my NOA that I payed less support to my spouse than expected, and changed my deduction amount for SS to some number that makes no sense, and now I'm short about $1000 on my return. I adjusted my offset child support last summer since my ex basically tripled her income, I'm guessing they want an updated SA showing this? Gotta pay to get paid...

    So annoying these guys... Especially since I've been 100% legit with them and my ex straight up commits tax fraud, lies about income, marital status etc... in order to get more support and tax credits. I even sent them hundreds of pages of documents and photos etc.. proving this and they didn't do jack squat, yet they HOUND me for things like $17 CCB "overpayments" after I updated my marital status...

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    Sounds like you were deducting your spousal support.

    See this Canada Revenue Agency link:

    It's the priority of child support section.

    Basically, if you're deducting spousal support, and they interpret from your court order or agreement, that you were supposed to pay x amount of dollars for child support, but they think you didn't, they will disallow that "underpaid" amount of child support, against your spousal support deduction.

    So yes, they would need an updated order to refer to to reflect the offset support.


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      So basically we would have to get this changed yearly? Does it cost anything to have this changed? Ex won't do it willingly that's for sure...


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        Do you not have a court order detailing how much SS is?


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          I think his problem is that he has an order somehow detailing the child support.

          If CRA interprets it that they think you underpaid child support (even if that isn't the case) they will deduct that amount from any deductible spousal support, even if spousal support is clearly defined.


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            Not a court order but a signed separation agreement stating support amounts as per guidelines. The guideline wording has already led to them denying my claim for line 305 too...


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              It may be good to get a tax accountant to look it over and help you 'reason' with CRA. I ran into a similar issue the first year I was separated and since I have always used a tax accountant, they were able to contact CRA and provide all the required information to re-assess.


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