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    My situation is a little different than most. My wife and I both work as International School teachers in Shanghai, China. We have no children. She left me on April 15th and 4 weeks later told me she was filing for an un contested divorce. We both work for the same school system and make the exact same amount of money. We have been married since Dec. 23, 2005 but have been together, mainly overseas, since 2002.
    1. Can she claim anything financially from me as I have RRSp's that I had before I even met her and have contributed nothing to them since we have been together?
      1. We do not have any "assets" in Canada, fortunately. So does this mean that seeing as all our mutual assets are outside of Canada that they are "un-touchable" by Canadian law?
    1. Can I just keep what I want and she can do the same?
    1. Are there any legal grounds for her to challenge "possession" of these assets (possessions - not finances) even though they are in another country?
    1. How long does an uncontested divorce take? Do I still have to wait a year?
    1. Once she files papers, which she told me she would do this summer, what do I have to do?

    If I agree and do not want to contest the legal papers can I just sign and let her go on and take care of it?

    Thanks, as this has completly blindsided me as I did not see it comming and she refuses to talk to me about the issues surrounding her leaving/filing. She has only spoken to me for 1.5 hrs. since leaving April 15th. MATURE! Thanks for any help you may be able to give.
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