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  • Need Advice on This Decision


    I'm am the father of 2 boys who live 80km from me. I have an existing Separation/Parental agreement (just between each other with no independent legal advice) with my ex, and she has decided to take me to court for more money. I'm bankrupt and I'm on a tight budget. I live in a small apartment with two bedrooms so that I can have my kids every other weekend, and I have a small car (an echo) so that I can drive them to and from her house.

    I have absolutely no extra cash whatsoever. All my extra cash goes to paying my estate and I haven't been able to get the fee reduced. I have no money at all for a lawyer, and I don't qualify for legal aid.

    How do I protect myself? Do I:

    Option 1:
    Abandon my apartment and rent a room somewhere to reduce my expenses. If I do this, I won't be able to have my kids on weekends.

    Option 2:
    Instead of paying child support, use that money to hire a lawyer.

    I'm really desperate, and I don't know what to do. Either option that I take, my kids will suffer. I'm very close to my children. I love them dearly.

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    It appears the issue is support issues. One person can easily calculate the amount by referring to the child support tables. I don't really see how support issues can get so complicated unless extra ordinary expenses were an issue.

    You can take steps to settle the matter yourself by applying the child support guidelines yourself and present the offer to your ex. It doesn't make sense to spend thousands of dollars litigating over issues that may be settled out of court.

    For instance

    Take your 2006 line 150 income tax return amount and applying it against the child support tables to determine to calculated periodic amount.

    In cases where a person income fluctuates from year to year, take the last 3 years line 150 income tax return amounts add them together and divide by 3 to determine an average income to apply against the tables.

    You can also find a down loadable child support calculator at this link below. It's in MS excel format.




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