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Case conference and motion

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  • Case conference and motion

    My ex just served me with a notice of motion. In her attached affidavit, she has quoted things written in my case conference brief and has used some of it as an exhibit. I thought that case conferences were confidential and you could not do this? Does anyone know the rules of this?

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    You are correct. It is not admissible. You should cross-motion to have those things struck from the record.

    Does the other party have a lawyer?


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      No, neither of us have lawyers.


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        With more and more self repping, you would think they would make the rules easier to understand

        The system is archaic imo.


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          Originally posted by Dad0208 View Post
          No, neither of us have lawyers.
          This may have been answered separately, but have you looked into forced arbitration?

          Might be easier than all the court documents, you present your case and evidence and then they decide.


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