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Motion For Increased Access

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  • Motion For Increased Access

    What is procedure for me to bring forth motion for increased access from 2 days weekly to three days while waiting to go to trial in fall for access and custody? I have had two days access now for almost a year but it is not enough since my son is now two years old and much more attached. Would like to do this motion on my own as my lawyer seems to take forever to do anything I ask.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Before I answer, lets gets a few details:

    - what is the current custody arrangement
    - what is the current access schedule (i.e. any overnighting, any contiguous days)
    - what are the issues in the fall (custody, access) trial
    - what are your reasons now for a material change (i.e. why do you need more time, what circumstances have changed)

    Too bad you just didn't go 50-50 from the beginning. Saves a lot of cash, time and fatigue. You could be stuck at 2 days for many years now.

    BTW, judges hate motions in the middle of a trial. Manage your expectations.


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      Read through the above thread on how to file a motion previously posted, it may be of help.

      As a side, (off topic) Decent Dad, why do you say that Judges do not like to have a motion files between trials? Wouldn't a motion be less expensive and less time consuming on the part of the court?



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