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  • Exclusions to Income for Suppor

    Is there an generally accepted list of exclusions to income for support? I am close to resolving my support, but some niggling issues remain.

    Here are some examples of remuneration I receive that (IMO) should not be considered income for support:

    - daily travel expenses (per diem)
    - mileage
    - overnight inconvenience fee (I get $50 per day after three days on the road)
    - Insurance offset fee (I pay increased car insurance due to my relocation)
    - yard maintenance reimbursement (direct pay to contractors) because I am rarely home
    - vehicle upgrade fee (this is a monthly fee that I am paid to maintain a newer car, this requirement was not in my original contract)

    I am not self-employed, I work for a publicly traded company; these payments are all negotiated and documented in a contract with my employer. These are not salary replacements. My salary was set when I was hired eight years ago, my salary has increased about 3% per year, these are legit increases resulting from specific changes in the nature of my employment.

    I would like to document that they are reasonable exclusions, if that's possible.

    I have been unable to find similar situations on the internet.

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    Is there an generally accepted list of exclusions to income for support?
    Generally, if CRA calls it income (appears on Line 150) then it is income for support purposes.

    The next issue is usually whether deductions from income accepted by CRA are included for child support purposes.

    Which of those expenses are included in your income?


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