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Offer to Settle and division of houshold furnishings

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  • Offer to Settle and division of houshold furnishings

    I have just recently received after 11/2 years of waiting, an offer to settle counter offer.

    On his list he wants
    the ownership of the Honda Goldwing signed over.
    His grandmothers 3 peices of furniture
    The lawnmower
    His border collie cross dog
    equal division of the kitchen utinsels, and cups and saucers,
    a brown leather chair and ottoman.

    this is in addition to 25.000$, no alimony, all against the equalization of assets, of 19.000$ on our 130.000$ appraised home.

    I got taken, I feel stupid, and worn down by an adulterating, jerk.

    He is starting to take other items not on the list from the home, and selling them. Can he do this, or is list binding? He is on the understanding, that half of all the household furnishings, all most of which were inherited., belonged to me, and brought into the marriage,

    How can I protect myself, can I remove items from the home to protect them. I believe his list and agreement is binding, and he is entitled to only what he has specified.

    Can I legally get the item back or its value in small claims court, or do I consider it a waste of time.

    I have taken pictures of the entire home, should I have a dated newspaper in all the pictures? am I going to come home and find I can't do anything if my things and items not on the list is missing.

    I am in a panic, as the agreement he signed says the transactions are to take place on June 20, 2007.
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