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Endorsement stating divorce

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  • stripes
    Not that this has anything to do with your situation, but ... my ex not only got engaged before he got divorced (from me), he actually got "married" to wife #2 before getting divorced from wife #1. Apparently he wasn't entirely above-board with fiancee #2 and she didn't realize he was still married to someone else until after the venue had been booked, guests invited, etc. That did not end well.

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  • toothfairy81
    started a topic Endorsement stating divorce

    Endorsement stating divorce

    I have an endorsement signed by myself, my lawyer and my ex's lawyer stating that as the applicant (he) wishes for divorce that he was to apply for a divorce 10 days after the endorsement was signed.
    It has since been months.

    I've retained a lawyer, as the ex now is choosing to not follow through with a court order.....

    Will this divorce happen sooner than later?

    The ex is engaged to another person, as am I.

    It certainly is interesting how the ex canbeengaged, and won't follow through with the divorce to which he applied for..... these people, mental games.... honestly trying to understand their train of thought is exhausting.

    Any advices would be appreciated.
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