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Benefit of not signing divorce papers

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  • Benefit of not signing divorce papers

    I'm struggling with comprehending, why an ex to whom is engaged to another person, will not sign divorce papers?

    I've read a fair bit about this, and I'm more interested from a mental health perspective.

    Its been 6+ years since we've not been living together, I've requested divorced, to which the ex refuses to.... I'm been informed by my lawyer, in knowing that there is no separation, or divorce, that should either party parish, the other former spouse is entitled to CPP.

    What could be a motivating factor for an ex, to NOT want to sign a divorce papers?

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    You want the papers signed. He doesn't like you. Therefore, he doesn't sign them to cause you grief.


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      I get that - 100% I do.

      Can a court not contests that, one party is purposely choosing to not.

      I'd assume that the ex's fiancÚ would hope to actually get married, and thus, have the ex-husband sign.????

      Mental games I guess


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        Unless you are part of certain religious groups, you generally don't need the consent of the other party to get divorced.

        He can oppose your application for a divorce. He will lose and have to pay you costs. I think it is unlikely he would actually oppose you. Serve him and watch him sign faster than you can say "$400/hour overpriced lawyer"


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          For the religious - there is a part of the law that refers to case where one party creates barriers to remarriage - this applies specifically in the case of jews where the man MUST agree to the divorce, there is specific legislation aimed at preventing men from refusing to give the divorce and preventing their ex-wives form banging team canada.... Judges are allowed to do whatever they want to the men to punish them.


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