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    2 years from separation, still no separation agreement. Had one case conference (utter waste of time). STBX is Applicant, I'm the Respondent. STBX is living in marital home. I'm self representing, STBX has a lawyer who isn't pushing things.

    Our case involves only division of assets, SS, but no CS. STBX isn't in a rush to settle things. Other than the two of us simply negotiating the agreement (plan A), I'm looking for advice on forcing things forward through the legal route (plan B). This may or may not happen but I have to be prepared in order to light a fire under my STBX.

    Taking the legal route, my understanding is that the next step would be a settlement conference (or two), then trial. As the Respondent, can I initiate a settlement conference? Can you skip the conferences and go strait towards trial? Can I initiate that? I'd like to know about the process.

    (Note that if it does go to trial, I'm still on the fence as to whether I will self-rep or get a lawyer to represent me. For the case conference, I did work with a lawyer to help prepare my brief.)


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    You have had a case conference. You can file a motion. Why schedule another conference?

    I would recommend you get a lawyer if you are asking basic questions like these on procedure. You will get eaten alive in court by a judge. You are expected to know these basic things even when self representing.


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      Originally posted by Tayken View Post
      You can file a motion. ... You are expected to know these basic things even when self representing.

      Perhaps my question should have been, Where do you find out these basic things that you are expected to know even when self representing? Are they in the Family Law Rules (of Ontario, in my case)?


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