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Lack of Judges...Trial Ajourned till January 2017

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  • Lack of Judges...Trial Ajourned till January 2017

    I was scheduled for a 5 day trial today (which was booked in September 2015) for the matters of custody/access, child support, spousal support and division of matrimonial property. Today I was informed they have overbooked trials for this week and there are no available justice. Trial has been adjourned and rebooked for the next available dates which is in January 2017.
    We are still using the Interim Corollary Relief Order form 2013 for the child and spousal support amounts. Due to no resolution in the last 2.5 years it was set for trial.

    I have had my hours reduced in January 2015, a rate cut in January 2016 and in April another reduction of hours. Struggling to make ends meet before the reductions I am further in the hole now.

    I just want to move on and I am sadden to be putting our children through this for another half a year and with legal bills through the roof it will be very difficult to wait another further 6 months for trial.

    I have attempted to resolve many issues (division of assets, holidays, parenting plan, parenting coordinator, lump sums and sale of the home) with the lawyer and with my ex with no cooperation.

    I did try and force the sale of the matrimonial home (to free up some of the equity to pay down the debt) in February but the judge told me to wait until trial.

    Is there any other solutions or paths besides waiting for trial? My only thoughts are putting in another offer to settle….and pretty much hand over what’s left…

    Does anyone have any thoughts? Advice? Ideas? Resources? It would be greatly appreciated.

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    Just don't give in, this is standard family law bullshit, women get all the interim privilege and men fold because of the intense pressure.... 6 more months, just survive and then file bankruptcy afterwards if you dont have tonnes of assets...


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