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Affidavit of Service question

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  • Affidavit of Service question

    I am serving the Respondent the court documents at my home. I'm not travelling to serve him, but I did incurr costs of serving him since I had to make several photocopies and have stuff sworn at the courthouse. Can I put in 15.00 for a fee of serving the documents even though I didn't travel anywhere to serve him? THANKS!!

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    I think that it meant if you have to pay for a process server or cost of sending by courier etc. However as you mentioned you did incur costs.

    15 dollars is a very reasonable amount.



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      Change of Service

      I thought I'd throw a question on this thread, since it's opened

      When I file a Motion and want to make a request to change the method of service to registered mail, do I have to serve that Motion to the Defendant too? I ask because the last time I filed a Motion for a change in the Method of Service, the Judge seemed put off that I hadn't served the Defendant Which seems defeating. Maybe I just did it wrong. Can I do this as a Desk Consent?


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