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    I am paying monthly whatever I can. Since I don't have an income right now due to my injury. my injury maybe maybe severe?, I was paralyzed half way down in the beginning. But i have my limbs at least.
    I'm on OW and have applied for ODSP. I guess I'll settle for whatever they court says, not keeping alota hope.
    I really want to cover my bases. Not take shortcuts.


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      Perhaps look at retraining? You must live in Ontario - seems many people who can't get work are on ODSP....

      You live at home with your folks so you should have some money to pay towards the kids. You have money to be able to drive 1 1/2 hrs to see your kids so you should be paying something on a regular basis (government cheques come to you on a regular basis don't they?).

      Sorry about your injury but you have to realize now that the courts don't give a shit about you, rather what is in the best interest of the children. You can drive a vehicle so you are employable IMO. Stats Canada is looking for people to work on the census. Check it out online. You can do the work even if you are disabled. pay is 16 - 19 /hr.

      Or sit on ODSP for the rest of your life. Whatever.


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        ..... Duplicated accidentally.... edited same as message below


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          Well. I'm fighting with my employer to let me work, they're saying bases on the medical report doctors have said I can't do the job.
          So I've been asking to work from home or something. I want to work don't get me wrong.
          Medically I can't sit in a car for more than 10 minutes, I'm not supposed sit in a car. I have a spinal injury, if I were to drive for even 20 minutes. My foot goes numb.
          So I'm adhering to whatever she's saying.
          ow kicked in less than a month ago. So I was paying from my savings which are gone and now by borrowing from friends and family.

          I did give an offer even with minimal access time. I said even to give her sole custody . I want to be involved in my sons life but what I read from others online I've given up hope. My lawyer said there's no reason for me to give sole custody since there isn't any police reports, psychological issues etc. so she's rejected that. she basically
          Wants sole custody.


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            Wait, so you can't sit in a car for 10 min but are driving 3 hours round trip? How do you manage that?

            If you're on OW you may not have to pay a thing, check with your lawyer on that one. Until a doctor medically clears you to work your employer won't let you work. You are to big of a risk to the company. If you get hurt on the job they are liable. Arabian is right, look at retraining. OW will help you with that. OW has all sorts of programs to assist with retraining.

            Who moved the 1.5 hours away after separation? Don't take this the wrong way, but with a spinal injury, one that means you can't sit or work, how can you effectively parent your child? It wouldn't seem like you would be able to pick him up? Do you have assistance on your parenting time?


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              I'm not driving but someone else drives for me. I'm Not supposed to sit for that long as per Dr, specialist, chiropractor everyone. What can I do, my Stbx doesn't want to move the meeting place or time.

              - For work, yes that is what my employer said is that I would be considered a Liability under my current medical situation . Everywhere I've applied I have to disclose my injury and that becomes a detrimental factor. I am looking for remote positions for now.
              - She moved away to her parents. It's not the easist to parent him alone. Yes I have family members assisting, with driving and while looking after...couple are Early childhood Education certified even.
              Sorry Retaining work ? OW helps with that? Lawyer said to pay anything for CS you can since there is no agreement set in place and because of my situation