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Order rejected by Wif's lawyer

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  • Order rejected by Wif's lawyer

    I was asked to prepare an order as a result of an interim application that I made.
    Hearing was on March 26 and I had advised wife.s lawyer on Friday march 30 at 2:30 pm that I had my draft order ready for their review and I would like a reply by the end of the day.

    I understood that it was late in the day and they may not be able to get a chance to review the order.

    On Monday April 2 at 11:16 I sent another letter to my wife's lawyer.

    April 2, 2007

    ________ Law Office
    Re: -----------v-------- court file # ______________

    Ms _________
    Ms______ I am again requesting that you review the Draft Order I have prepared.
    I would ask that you reply today as I am going to file the order with the court today and your concerns and views would be helpful in ensuring that we both agree on the content of the order. I have enclosed a copy of the letter I sent with my draft order on March, 30, 2007.

    Yours truly,

    Cc Supreme Court Family Division.

    I recevied no reply as of 4:17 pm so I prepared this letter and I filed my order with the court.

    Ms __________ as stated in my letter that was delivered to you today at 11:16 am, I am now filing the order that I prepared with the court.

    This letter will document that I did not receive your concerns and views that would have been helpful in ensuring that we both agree on the content of the order.

    Yours truly,
    Cc Supreme Court Family Division.

    At 4:45 pm April 2 I receive a letter from my wife's lawyer stating her concerns.
    My order had been filed with the court by this time, as the court office closes at 4:30 pm.

    The court called today to tell me that they had recevied my order and they also recevied a letter from my wife's lawyer . They wanted to know if I would agree to the sugestion provided by my wife's lawyer. I had stated if it was any more then minor errors that I made in typing the order or of a minor nature. I would not agree to any changes.

    I was advised by the court that the Justice hearing the case wants both parties to appear next week.

    What am I in for, I don't want to back down from what I feel was to go in that order.

    Thank You

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    The Judge most likely will clarify their hand written endorsement of the order made so that everyone is on the same page.



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      dvr, what was the outcome?

      If you are in and around the forum, I would like to find out from your experience...what was the outcome of the hearing re:desputing draft order filed?


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