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Moving south of the border - new agreement ?

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  • Moving south of the border - new agreement ?

    We currently have a shared custody and joint guardianship. The child spends minimum of 40% of the time with me. We did our separation agreement through Family Services. Now, I'll be a non-resident and moving, spouse wants to re-write separation agreement to state that she would have Full Custody.
    Also they want my current income and support needs to be adjusted. I'm OK with that but I won't have a job to go to right of way it might take a few months to find one. I'll still be paying CS as usual but once I have a job then How do I adjust the amount according to my salary ?
    The child will be spending time with me during winter, summer breaks, holidays vacations etc.

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    Motion to Change unless she signs off on new amount is my understanding.


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