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Having your lawyers fees assessed

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  • Having your lawyers fees assessed

    I am unhappy with my lawyer and will be letting him go this week. How do you go about getting your lawyer's fees assessed? If I get his fees assessed can they make a finding that he overcharged and needs to reimburse me some of my money? What are the possible outcomes of having his fees assessed?

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    Here's what the Law Society of Upper Canada (aka Ontario) says on the process.

    Your Legal Bill Too High?


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      OP, do it. I followed the process and managed to settle with the lawyer for half his fees at the first assessment meeting.

      Do it, be aggressive. There is only upside on doing it.


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        Originally posted by OntarioDaddy View Post
        The bill may go down, but it could also backfire.

        iii) The potential costs. Starting an assessment hearing proceeding means that you could be liable for costs. This means that if you lose your case the Assessment Officer or a judge may require to you to pay some of your lawyer’s expenses in defending his or her bill.
        I agree...this might not end well. Maybe consider having the fees reviewed by another lawyer if it seems like he/she is gouging you? I've been burnt in the past, but just moved on as to not delay things further.

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          Hi there;

          I did it based on this forum. Actually hired another lawyer (significantly less per hour). She went over everything. Rcvd. thousands back. Mine was sheer incompetence and I trusted him.


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