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  • Age of consent for information

    A new issue has been brewing and my partner is at a loss and frustrated. Personally Im at the point of "why bother trying anymore" but thats not really a good solution.

    History of alienation. Kid refuses to speak to dad. Ex encourages by not sharing info. Over the last two years hes told ex in writing she is obligated to share info and not just "kid wants to participate in x activity your share is $$$".

    A few weeks ago he got an email from the school outlining kids attendance, class schedule and parents info on school activities. He responded asking for further info on his kid and included the section of their agreement that outlines he is allowed to ask for this info. No response. He followed up with the guidance dept (where his initial email was forwarded) and still no response.

    This happened two years ago with a previous school and required him to involve the superintendent. This summer he discovered his ex had put a confidentiality clause on kids file with an activity they wanted him to pay for. When pressed the organization actually called his ex for permission which she finally granted.

    His question is this: at what age are kids allowed to say dont give info to a parent? Kid is 15. Theyre still obligated to share info until the age of 18 right?

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    What you have if registered is a court order. Can your hubby remind the school that what he's holding is a court order which should trump his ex's request.

    Schools take privacy seriously, so you might have to go up to the superintendent level again. I had to give a ream of paperwork to my D's school


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      In quebec this results the annulation of child support - children who refuse contact with their parents for no good reason.


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        I'd make an appointment at the school and meet with the guidance department a/o person who wrote the letter/info you received. Sometimes face-to-face meetings can be fruitful to not only obtain info but to dispel any preconceived impressions the school may or may not have of the father? Of course if they don't cooperate I'd go the superintendent route.


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          Since schooling is legal parental responsibility, I'd think the child cannot withhold education info, unless they are emancipated. You might be thinking of healthcare, where a minor can make their own care choices, privately, as long as the Dr deems they're mature enough to give informed consent on the specific issues.


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            You have a court order. The school needs to abide by it...unless there are some abnormal exceptional circumstances. I work in schools and 16 year old's dont have this power. Communication between schools and HC separated parents is a huge problem. Some schools just brush it off ...and some follow the rules.

            You may need to get the superintendent involved again.


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              Hes got a call scheduled with the head of guidance tomorrow. Fingers crossed he gets some info.


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