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    Hello everyone!

    I am scheduled to attend a CC at the end of NOV. I'm a bit lost however, I do not have the funds to retain a lawyer for this (and I make too much for legal aid). God knows, I've paid thousands already in lawyer consultation fees.

    Would anyone know of any good CC brief templates, examples ect? I want to address items such as the outstanding CS, S7, this coming Christmas and the fact that he has not replied to my proposal to apply for a Co-ordinated Case Management Program. Are these topics a judge can make an order on in a CC?

    In his answer to my application, the father has agreed to a few things from my application, but nothing major. One question I have for you, in my application, I suggested that our son spend Halloween with me in odd numbered years and with his father in even numbered years. His dad answered 'that the child should spend Halloween with whichever parent he chooses to be with'.

    Our CC will be happening after Halloween and the father is keeping our child for Halloween. I don't really have a choice but to comply as Halloween falls on his access time anyway. I would now like my proposal to reflect me having our son next year. How do I go about? Do I have to amend my application or can I bring it up in our CC?

    Thanks everyone!

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    How old is the kid?


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      My son is nine yrs old. I know you're thinking...he's almost past the age of Halloween but he also has a younger step sister and we're expecting in two months. We are big on Halloween and his dad also had him last year.

      Should I even bother then?


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        What does your agreement say on other holidays and special days?


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          The agreement I put forth has us alternating every holiday every year. I proposed same for Christmas and he came back with something that had too many transitions.

          For the most part, he has agreed on all the holidays suggested except for summer vacation, the child's bday, Halloween and Christmas.

          I'd really like to have the judge decide something for us - especially for Christmas. Not sure it can be done at a cc?

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            What you've proposed- outlining which holiday is with which parent which year, ie 'easter long weekend with dad in even numbered years and with mom in odd numbered years' - is the way to go. I assume non-holiday time will be shared equitably too, so the child has an opportunity to develop or maintain a parental relationship with both parents.

            9 is too young to make the child decide which parent he/she will be with at particular times. Time with each parent isn't optional. It's like going to school.


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