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  • Proof of Job Search

    At our case conference I requested my ex's job search records - as he was on EI and was required to keep records, this should have been easy for him to provide. He admitted that he has none.

    I am preparing my motion paperwork now and I'm hoping to have an income imputed to him. Can I reference that he admitted he has no job search records at the case conference or do I need something more concrete? It would be weird at this point to email him and request them when he's already admitted he has nothing.

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    Im not sure how you request it but my partners lawyer said if he was opposing council for his case (my partner was unemployed) he would demand proof that he had applied for all available jobs he could. He said he would have a list himself of jobs in his field and demand to see if he applied. For my partner, we kept a file of all his applications (cover letter and resume) and on his email a folder of all sent job applications, responses and any automatic "thank you for applying" emails. The folder is quite full. If your ex had a brain he would have it. If he sent you this by email make sure you use it.


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