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  • Can FRO enforce this

    Interesting. I'm supposed to be making a counter-offer to the ex today. Checking email this am she proposed the following

    That about half the time she'd agree to meet halfway at a shopping mall for handoff.

    Secondly in months where I had to drive all the way down there, she'd agree to reduce support by $xx that month.

    I'm just thinking that she's going to register with FRO within minutes of getting a settlement. Can FRO enforce the latter as it involves a calculation, albeit simple as a number of people here say that FRO won't calculate stuff.

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    You would have to have it in your agreement. So basically propose six months a year you will do this then take the 12 months of support (6 months full + 6 months reduced) and divide by 12. That amount you put in your order. Then if she files with FRO, youre paying the reduced support.

    If shes agreeing to it now, you demand it in the order that way.


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      Fro is a headache at least for me. It needs to be made very clear what the support is and having two different amounts would confuse them greatly. What rockscan suggested would be the best way to do it.


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        Thanks everyone. I integrated into my counter the way Rocks indicated, now to cross my fingers and wait.


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          You can do that. FRO will enforce the reduced amount. They won't enforce her showing up half way in the future.


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