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Do finances have to be reported?

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  • Do finances have to be reported?

    I may have a different situation. My husband and I are divorcing very amicably. We have no children, and do not want any fuss with the divorce, just to have it done as quickly as possible. Since we are doing everything ourselves, can we omit all finances in the court divorce papers? We have already divided everything ourselves, and are in the process for changing over title on our home. I will be making a payment to him, to buy him out of the house, but he doesn't want all this in the divorce papers. I know that I will not change my mind later, and try to get any money out of him, and I also know that he will not either. I am not being naive either, he could have taken me for everything in this divorce, and he has not and will not in the future.
    I hope I have made sense here, thanks

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    you sure can - my mom just did it yesterday!

    They went to the courthouse together, filed jointly, and there is no mention of finances or division of property anywhere.

    What I might suggest you do, however, just to 'cover your backside' is draft a document between the two of you, outlining your agreement. That way, if anything untoward ever happens, you do have some documentation of your agreement.

    My seperation was also very amicable - but we did have to have a legal seperation document drafted in order to take my name off the title of the house, a paralegal can do this for you at a very minimal charge, it will be very basic, but will cover everything you have decided together.

    Good luck!


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