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Changing Child Support---Form 25?

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  • Changing Child Support---Form 25?

    My ex and I need to update child support.
    We have signed a Consent Motion to Change Child Support.

    On the attorney general website, it states that we also need to bring "5 copies of the draft order we are asking the judge to sign(form 25)"

    I have form 25 from the past, which already went through the court, IS ALREADY SIGNED (our court order/agreement)......Am I supposed to bring 5 copies of this?

    Or do I have to re-write a new one?

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    5 copies of the draft order we are asking the judge to sign(form 25)
    The draft Order is the new Order you want the judge to make.


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      Thanks OrleansLawyer.....I am still confused about filling it out.

      Someone told me that I just bring 5 BLANK copies of these to the court (I only fill out the applicant/Respondent boxes) court address info and court file number.

      and the court fills out the rest?


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        Lucky you. We are over paying support and mom has refused to adjust it. Line 150 is line 150 and she is still not convinced lol... this is so straightforward. Well, it should be... so we go to court I gather.


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          Thanks Serene!
          And yes, you will just have to file a Motion to Change your Child Support.

          In the past, we had lawyers involved with other matters in our case, and the lawyers filed our Consent Motion/Paper work to update the Child Support those times......which is why I'm confusing myself now/ figuring out what to do....because I'm seeing my past Form 25's all filled out....and I'm questioning if we filled it out before we took it to the court....or if we do take it to the court blank and then they return it to us filled out?


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