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is a restraining order warrented?

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  • is a restraining order warrented?

    every email ex sends is demeaning, abusing and a lot of times down right cursing me. here is a sample from her latest email

    "tum say bara bayghayrat, laalchi, kamina na kabhi paida hua hay aur na kabhi ho sakta hay. I hope you can translate it for yourself and your legal actions."
    see above she is cursing in her native language so that a judge cant make out what she is saying. i am sick and tired of it but we do need to communicate for to our son. I have enough emails from her with such content to publish "The book of curses". i am however wondering if this cursing and verbal abuse is sufficient to seek a restraining order making her go through a lawyer if she wants to communicate anything?

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    No, it isn't. Calling you mean words doesn't necessitate a restraining order. Grow thicker skin, ignore it and move forward. Save the email(s) should you ever need them.

    Restraining orders are for when you feel threatened or unreasonably harassed and, in your case where you have to continue to communicate for the benefit of your child, likely won't solve anything.


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      Restraining Order:

      35. (1) On application, the court may make an interim or final restraining order against any person if the applicant has reasonable grounds to fear for his or her own safety or for the safety of any child in his or her lawful custody.
      Source: CanLII - Children's Law Reform Act, RSO 1990, c C.12


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