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Have any of you had Jeff as your lawyer?

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  • Have any of you had Jeff as your lawyer?

    I need to hire a lawyer and because I live out of the provincem. If I pay the person, I want to know my rights, not just be brushed off. (like legal aid) My exs lawyer is a real hhhmmmmm not really sure how to say it nicely. So far I have been really really screwed because of my legal aid lawyer. I DO NOT recomend legal aid, its NOT worth it in the end. (or at least with my lawyer it wasnt, people think I should hire a lawyer to sue my legal aid lawyer LOL) I no longer qualify for legal aid because of the support I get, so now I have to find a new lawyer.

    SO I am running out of time to contest the divorce, please tell me if you have hired him what yoru experience has been like. I am a little weary because of the huge retainer also. I have not met any lawyers who have asked for more than $1000 as a retainer. I realise no matter what you have to pay legal fees wether it be 500$ or 5000$, I am just surprised that its different than many otehr lawyers (well at least the ones I have contacted so far)

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    If you still in Quebec and the children are there with you; The proceedings are generally held where the children reside. It would be more cost efficient if you retained a lawyer where the children reside.



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