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    Ok, I apologise I have not yet made a formal introduction, I do have many many questions, but I am just asking my most urgent here. This upsomming weekend is my exs access weekend. It was supposed to be supervised untill youth protection finished investigating allegations my daughter made to her pre-K teacher. I agreed that is the investigation found that the allegations were not a concern he could have his access as recomended in our custody assesment. HERES THE PROBLEM. Youth protection actually investigated me, to see if I was coachign the kids to make the allegations because we are going thru a high conflict divorce. I believe the case has just been closed and they realise I am not coachign the kids, but they do NOT seem to be investigating the sexual abuse allegations????? I would be willing to continue the supervised access weekends, but in the motion "order" (im not sure what you call it) I agreed that he could have his regular unsupervised visits when I thought they were going to investigate the possibility that my daughters had been sexually abused. WHAT DO I DO? send them and pray he doesnt know the investigation is over and try to figureo ut how to get some answers. How awfull that I will have to send unsupervised because youth protection and CAS don't want to get involved? I was relying on them to do a proper investigation of the allegations, not investigate me. I had no problem with them investigating me because I knew I was not coachign them, but now that its over I don't know what to do. This has been going on for months! How often does CAS and youth protection sweep things under teh rug and how many children suffer because of this?

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    You could bring your child to CHEO and have inhouse professionals examine your child and document same. If they suspect sexual abuse, they will call in the CAS.



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