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Restraining Order and Divorce

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  • Restraining Order and Divorce

    So here is my question to any one who can answer.

    My current partner got married at the age of 19 his wife is 17, TWO months later she attacked him the police were called they were both charged with assault and a restraining order was placed on him. Due to them living in a small town people saw them together and he was charged with breach of probation. Both assault charges with dropped but the restraining order was still in place until january of this year.

    He wants a divorce but its only been till recently that he has been able to even contact her (which he plans never to do)

    Does this restraining order have any bearing on a divorce?
    Does the division of assets have bearing on their relationship even though they were legally only together for two months?
    Is there grounds for an annulment?

    Thank you for the help

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    How long have they been separated?


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