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  • Anonymous Affidavit?

    Ok this may be a silly question but I need to ask.

    In regards to child access arrangements/disagreements, is it POSSIBLE to have an affidavit or sworn statement brought to the attention of an OCL or Judge but also be kept from a Respondent (perhaps at a Settlement Conference?)

    I know I'm being very vague and I'm pretty sure the answer is "Hell No" but, again, I had to ask. I could provide more info via pm.


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    I am thinking not. Stuff like that has to be shared and if a judge sees it, the other party needs to see it also. How can the other side dispute the evidence if they do not see it.


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      Very true.


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        The family court process is supposed to be fair and transparent. Parties to cases therefore have the right to know what is being said about and to them so they can challenge and defend their position.

        Btw - just a bad idea all around. I.e. How to look deceitful and vengeful in an instant!!! Would not look good at all!!!


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