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    My STBX and I have not finished settling all of our financial issues. I have already had a judge order full financial disclose from him back in February. I am sure he is hiding assets and just realized that searching one of his bank account statements for deposits and withdrawals might be a wise idea. However I do not know if I am allowed to ask this? We have been separated for almost two years so how far back can I ask?
    Thank you

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    Ofcourse you are allowed to ask for bank statements . But be prepared that you might also have to disclose the same


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      Yup... I recently presented my statements back to the mid 2000s as per a judge's order. My sbtx did the same. It's likely largely a waste of time in my opinion as I am not hiding anything but the lawyers love it. We hope to use it to inpute some extra income on her end though as her income taxes are a joke.


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        I have no problem showing my last three years bank statements but I am positive he will not want to give his. I can still request it without a court order though correct?


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          I believe this is something you could request in writing (registered letter would be best) and/or using a form 20. See this thread:


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