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  • Adult Children and S7

    My husband has two adult children one 20 the other 21 going on 22. Four years ago he signed an agreement to pay full child support and 45% of their full university cost untill they have completed their post graduate education.
    We are also paying $75 a month for exta carricular activities for the 20 year old.
    We want to stop paying the $75 a month and have both kids contibute to their education. When we wrote a letter to this effect we were told to get lost. Both kids have and do work, we have been issued one T4 over the last 4 years. the 20 year old has not been involved in any extra carricular activities for over a year. We asked for invoices and were told to get lost.
    My husbands ex said in her response that if we stop any payments she will immediately petition the court to garneesh his wages. My question is, what is the process that she is required to go through if we simple make these adjustments that she will never agree to?

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    Is the agreement filed with the court with exact numbers? I.e. $4000 per school year? She would have to file with FRO to enforce the order and FRO only enforces the dollar amounts. And i think (from what was provided to my partner) they only start garnishment when arrears get to $3000.

    Depending on incomes as well, kids are supposed to be paying. Who's paying the 55% portion? Wouldnt it be in moms best interest to have kids contribute?

    And how does he pay? He gets a receipt?

    Might be worth speaking to a lawyer?

    *my two cents*


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