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    Hey has anyone here thought about purchasing DivorceMate? It looks like there is a Cloud version for $400 approx. The full versions appear to be $900.

    Wonder if anyone has thought about that if they are considering self-representing.


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      Here is the pricing terms of the pay as you go. I can't see that its required you're a lawyer to use it. Maybe a few self-reps should go in together.

      The cost to create a new Client File is $105 per Client File + HST.
      You will have access to all DIVORCEmate products including TOOLS 2K13, FORMS One and PRECEDENTS One for each activated Client File.
      The Initial "Pay Per Use" non-refundable deposit is $400. This deposit is used to pay for your first 3 Client Files.
      In order to stay on the Pay Per Use plan and receive software updates and support, your firm must activate a minimum of 3 Client Files per year.
      You may make a deposit by credit card online, by email, or telephone; or you may mail us a cheque prior to activating your first Client File.
      You may install DIVORCEmate One on as many office computers as you wish at no additional cost. Each activated Pay Per Use Client File should be available to all users on your computer network.
      During an initial consultation with a potential client, you have the ability to create a new Client File and perform one TOOLS 2K13 calculation before you are required to pay for the file.
      When you “activate” a new Client File, you have the option of being provided with a record of the activation: the cost, date, reference information and your client’s name.
      Requirements: You must have access to the internet and you must have an e-mail addres


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        I included all endorsements into the TR leading up to Trial (they had some consent orders in them) in there own tab, but up to you.

        Remember to try and see if settlement can be done prior to Trial. Actually try and chat with OP prior to going into the Court room. The OP may "move" a bit I say this because the Judge (they don't want to sit for days on this stuff if avoidable) will start asking about being ready to go ahead.

        At that point you can offer to try a mini settlement conference if the OP agree's the Trial Judge will excuse himself, both parties go out into the hall and a new judge is brought in and holds a settlement conference. If that fails then the original Trial Judge comes back.

        You may only have one or two issues to work out a trial is hellishly expensive, anyways think about it


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          I feel your pain Sioux!


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