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Common law question before final settlement

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  • Common law question before final settlement

    Me and my ex wife have a temporary agreement. She has been living with someone for 1.6 years. She is asking for spousal and child support. After what amount of time is his income part of her income. In the 13.1 it states that her boyfriend income has to be added but doesn't list a time period. If they are living together for 3 years is it relevant, 2 months etc?


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    Due to the income disparity, I am currently and will in the future have to pay here support. However, I am wonder at what time period would her boyfriends income be relevant in the final settlement. We currently split thine with the kids 50/50

    Currently paying child support.

    It is clear he is the boyfriend, I also have her tax return and it does not list rental income .


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      Sometimes a new partner's income never comes into play. It all depends on what you settle on or a judge decides. There are many people that are in common law relationships or even remarried and their new spouses income does not count.


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