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Are these possible challenges for a Draft Order LV?

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  • Are these possible challenges for a Draft Order LV?


    The Judge had also stated that the Support Payments would continue "until a review in 2008 or until either party could establish a material change in circumstances. I would like to argue that the Order as Drafted would create a material change in circumstance for me and should thus force a review of the spousal support awarded.

    Is this plausible?

    Does the fact that the exes bf submitted the false income tax form constitute fraud?

    The bf of the exes purchased a nearly new car would it have any bearing (on material change in circumstances) if they were listed as joint owners?

    Or the fact that the bf making only 11,000 have the ability to purchase a nearly new vehicle justify a re-examination of his testimony or credibility? Would this add to the fraud committed?

    Thanks LV, just examining all avenues of challenging this draft Order.

    Take care,

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    Since your ex was a party to the loan, you could question her under oath and request the specific documents relating to the loan vehicle etc . I do suspect that the the third parties true income would also be listed on the loan documents.



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