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FINALLY some progress!

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  • FINALLY some progress!

    I am elated today! I went back to court this morning regarding my access to my child. I had documented all the denied visits since I orignially took my ex to court for same, in late september. I also had exerpts of phone conversations I had taped with ex, transcribed, and submitted to the court.

    The Judge came down very hard on my ex and even told her that it is possible for her to be sentenced to jail time if she didn't comply with the access schedule! I was shocked to finally feel that someone was hearing me for a change! My ex came up with all kinds of excuses as to why I she did not comply with the access schedule, all of which the Judge seemed very disinterested in. The look on my ex's face was worth a million dollars!

    I get to see my son on Christmas eve, and on Christmas day!!!! I also get every friday now!!! The judge seemed to be very displeased with my ex's actions of the past few months and agreed that my son and I should have much more time together.

    What a wonderful fight so hard for something and finally see the system work. I'm on cloud nine today!


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    What a great Christmas present! That's fabulous that you didn't give up and all the persistance finally paid off.... way to go!


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      Thats awesome news to hear. Hopefully your ex will respect the orders of the court and honour same.



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        Thanks great news Serrona! and I'm sure it gives the rest of us hope

        Merry Christmas!


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          Hi Serrona...

          It's a great feeling to win just one little battle when you go through this process. Congrats.!!

          I went through a Case Conference where my Ex wanted "exclusive possession" of the home....she got denied.!

          Your children are worth the commercial: "Priceless"


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            Thanks so much you guys. The support from this group has been amazing and I can't even express how much it has helped me.

            I can only pass this bit of advice on to anyone else going through this kind of think: Document EVERYTHING! The more details the better. Times, dates, what was said and what happened. Judges seem to eat this stuff up and the opposing lawyers seem to shrink a little when it is revealed. I have kept a very detailed log of all my denied access, even the times that I call my son just to talk to him. I taped my calls with my ex, and that carried a lot of weight in court, it seems. My ex comes off as being so well spoken and sweet in court....has been telling the judge all along that I am the one who is difficult to talk to and that I am hostile on the phone...but if you listen to her on the tapes of the calls with me, it is like a completley different person. I believe that her credibility has been greatly diminished by the revelation of these tapes. It clearly shows who was being hostile and difficult.

            I'm still floating today. I am aware that this is not the end, but at least I know that my angst, hard work and devotion to my son, is paying off.

            Thanks Everyone!
   have been exceptionally amazing. Your insight and guideance has played a large role in my ability to cope with this...and my ability to understand the process. I hope you have an amazing Christmas!



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              Thank you, Happy Holidays!

              Enjoy your child's time. Remain child focused. One thing to keep in mind is to not let your guard down. Continue documenting and building your case. Be pleasant to your child's other parent and smile! Talk the walk and walk the talk of the outcome you would like.

              I understand that one party can twist another party's action's around when they get frustrated with denial's of their child's access. Do not fall for this trap! It will be used against you. Every interaction you have with your ex may be scrutinized and your whole life is under the microscope. Co-operate and bite your tongue! You have gained a critical piece of evidence now and is permanent -- that being the endorsement page of your continuing record --It took Judicial intervention to support your child's access to you and is a testament that the other party is not acting in the ongoing child's best interest. This is very powerful evidence that carries significant weight.



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