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  • jessie01
    thanks Sioux.
    I think I'm well on my way but any advice is appreciated.

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  • jessie01
    started a topic trial management

    trial management

    Hi everyone
    Need some advice on how to proceed. I'm a self rep. and would appreciate all the help I can get. I am proceeding on a change of motion in an attempt to recover some post secondary costs. Presently ex. is paying his child support according to guidelines. We had no language in divorce papers regarding post secondary costs. Ex makes slightly more than I do yet does not contribute to the costs. Child is paying for her cost of living. I have been paying tuition and rent (for out of town accom.)
    We are at the trial management stage.
    I understand I need to start a new folder (trial folder) Where do I go to get one?
    I also understand I need to make a Statement of Agreed Facts. I can't seem to find it in the Ontario Family court Forms. Where do I get that.
    I am desperately trying not to make any procedural errors. Any help is appreciated.
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