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    Are costs generally requested at a CC?

    I have read here that costs should be demanded at every step of the process, but I cannot imagine what would allow a costs order to be made at a CC.

    My ex is being demanding and a jerk of course, but financial disclosure has been made, forms are filled out, so nothing inappropriate.

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    If you are represented, then you incurred direct costs by being interviewed by your lawyer, your lawyer's office preparing the brief and any associated documents, having the documents filed with the court and copies to your ex, and your lawyer's attendance at the conference.

    If you were not represented, you incurred similar costs doing this yourself, although probably at a lessor rate.

    If your position was the more reasonable, and you were making an offer to settle that was clearly within what a court would order, then the conference can be argued to be unnecessary; your ex should have agreed to your offer, making all of these costs a waste.

    Therefore you would seek for your ex to pay the costs you incurred for the conference.

    This does not mean to say you would get costs; that would be for the judge to consider.

    Now perhaps both you and your ex have legitimate points of view and supporting facts, and this is why you reasonably seek a judge to make a decision. In this case you probably wouldn't get costs awarded.


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