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  • OCL disclosure

    Just found out today that the OCL Clinical Investigator has completed their work.
    A meeting has been scheduled for 2 weeks time.
    It is a meeting between me, my lawyer, the CI and ex (she is self represented, she sacked her legal aid lawyer)

    the CI has only met me once, when i signed all the disclose forms asked me for. a few weeks later, spoke to Immigration, who have spent 2 years trying to deport me
    - they were involved due to information that i would not be sponsored so was technically an overstay in Canada

    then i was observed on a day out just me and children. then he spoke with 2 freinds of mine who know details of the case and my relationship with children.

    That is the only times i have been interviewed - just once, and a single observation.

    there is alot of evidence of my ex's lies, and Parental Alienation tactics.

    SHould i be worried, that i have only been interviewed once??

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    How have you managed to not be deported?

    Are you working in Canada?

    Curious situation


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      my H & C application was initially denied, then went to federal court for a judicial review, then back to immigrarion a second time, which was approved.

      i had 3 removal dates, and had to apply for a leave each time,


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        from what i know a disclosure meeting is a formality in the sense OCL will tell you what they think of the various meetings between parents. What each parent said to them. It is a time for you to just listen and just nod, its definitely not the time to show anger or argue if you feel they are biased.


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          But is it usual for OCL to meet me just once?

          Previously he saoid he would interview me again which he never di


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            It's normal don't worry about it.

            Do you have social worker or lawyer or both at OCL?

            What for the disclosure meeting, thank them, then ask when report will be ready.
            Once you have that they read the thread on OCL that I wrote.


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              social worker,
              which thrread thanks


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                Originally posted by notaclue View Post
                which thrread thanks

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