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Pls help me fill out a part of my Form 15(A): Motion to change.

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  • Pls help me fill out a part of my Form 15(A): Motion to change.

    I just found out that I make too much to get help by Duty Council so before I file I hope someone can help me with my somewhat convoluted question: The Forms 15 and 15A both ask what I am looking to change. I filled out that I am looking to change the amount of CS on my old order to a different table amount. It asks me for the payment status on the existing order. I enter the $value of unpaid arrears. Now he has new arrears from this year to add to that. I get the option to request how much he pays back each month but there is not an option for me to enter what his new arrears are so if I just put a reasonable dollar value to be paid each month until all arrears are paid how will they know what the new arrears are? Is this something that will be further discussed in person when we have our conference? I know they are capable of doing calculations themselves but they often require everything to be on the paper work.

    Also, under the OTHER options on this form I have requested that Costs from existing order be enforceable in the new order. Is this something Judges do? Otherwise ordering costs is completely pointless if they can't be forced to pay them.
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