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Advantages to applying for divorce first?

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  • Advantages to applying for divorce first?


    My wife and I have been separated for 8 months. We are young, and were only married for 2 years.

    My question is: Is there an advantage to being the 'applicant' in the divorce? I do not wish to file jointly, because I dont want to give her the opporunity to 'slow things down' if she chooses to be 'difficult'.

    If she applies for divorce before I do, does that mean things will happen on her timelines? What happens if she puts in the application, and then doesn't complete the rest of the process? Can I step in and finish it?

    Can only 1 person apply?



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    jointly applying??

    Hi Lukas,

    It really doesnt matter who applies for the divorce..........if you apply for uncontested divorce it goes much smoother......applying for uncontested means you both apply.......why would it matter if you are applicant or respondent........its all the same........if there are no children and no real assests to dispute then there would be nothing to delay to progress of your divorce........I went through uncontested divorce (but I have a child involved-that was taken care of separately) and it was done in 4 months from time of original filing providing youare in Ontario this would be time line

    Hope this helps


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