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    Originally posted by iceberg View Post
    March 13, ex files for full custody. Motion was set for April 02. When she found out she should attend mediation she was not happy. Claiming she is too busy, she scheduled first mediation for April 15. They called me today said my ex agreed for mediation (round 2) on May 13. She was so eager to take me to she is delaying things....
    What's confusing? Her eagerness to take you to court was a bluff, and you called it, so now she is afraid to go.


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      Originally posted by iceberg View Post
      IDK how can it be a bluff when it is obvious I would respond to that. She filed for sole custody not for something minor.

      She may have a fear I will go for full custody too. She asked me at mediation what do I think my chances were if I went for full custody, I just smiled and ignored her.

      IMO it is not the fear.
      She thought you would back down and cave to anything she wanted. You are putting up more of a fight then she thought you would. She figured you would sign whatever she wanted under the fear of her getting full custody. Now she is re-thinking it and trying to do some damage control in the courts eyes. Just play it cool and PLEASE before you answer any of her stupid texts or emails, clear it with someone on here first. We can tell you if your response is required and maybe how to word it better then you seem to.

      Remember the board sees the situation without all the emotion that you have (you are personally involved so it is only natural). You are in a position where you seem to act first emotionally then think about it. That is what is going to get you into trouble.


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        Originally posted by iceberg View Post
        I hear u man but any delays go in my favour in our Status quo is just getting longer and the crap she put in her affidavit is weaker as time goes by.
        It goes in the favour for both of you! It really is a horrible shame though.

        Iceberg, I hope your only response to any cooking issues is "D and I made Kwit Deo Nua together tonight" (just cause that is my favourite and I am sure the ex has never made it). Learn to cook together and learn to not be defensive. And enjoy the time spent, forgetting the crap

        Time to start printing all the info given to you before in a previous post and have fun with your ME time with your daughter.


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          just be careful. If you keep stalling then it will look bad on you. I think there was something on here before about building status quo thru basically sneaky ways. If I remember the judge basically ignored status quo due to the way it was achived.


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            is there a good reason why the first date wasnt acceptable to you?


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