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  • Settlement negotiations/offers and rules

    Good day, I would like to know what the general rules are for revealing any evidence I may have to my ex\s lawyer in my counter offer. For example, ex claims to be "disabled" and as such cannot work therefore he is seeking full ss for the next 15 years, which is the length of time we were married. This is completely untrue and will be easy as hell to prove as he is not in receipt of disability nor has he ever. Furthermore, he has travelled extensively on vacations since our separation and I have tons of pictures from facebook (which he does not know I have) which show him having a hell of a time, drinking, doing touristy things such as long outdoor excursions, etc.

    I am preparing a counter offer, but I would like to reveal in my offer in some way....even hint to it so as to force him to second guess his attempts at making outrageous counter offers. Frankly I believe that he will stop wasting time and money and start making fair offers that we can work with if he knows that I have this information. Otherwise I am faced with ongoing cost associated with offer after offer which are highly unreasonable and based on his ridiculous attempt to pull this sham of being disabled. He has legal aid, I am paying $250 an hour. It's going on and on and he has no incentive to play fair, which I really do. We all know that the claims of being disabled are utterly ridiculous but by the time I get to prove it I will have spent more money than I can afford. Which is why I want to nip it right now during negotiations.

    Any thoughts or experience with this? I want to prepare my offer with the same tone as my previous affidavits, giving reasons why I am offering the amount I am. Is this commonly done or is it frowned upon.

    I am asking here because I don't want to spend another 50 dollars to ask the same question to my lawyer. This is horribly expensive! Especially when the other party has legal aid and keeps dragging this out with insane and completely unreasonable offers which are the exact opposite of the recommendations of the settlement conference judge. For example, the settlement conference judge suggested that we should be looking at spousal support to equal the duration of what he would need to retrain in postsecondary - 2-4 years max. He came back with 15 years, which is clearly far off what the judge recommended.

    If you have any suggestions or advice, I would welcome it.

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    Yup, Richard Branson can fly him to the moon! That does not diminish a claim for spousal support.

    If you think he is lying then don't accept his offer and counter-offer.


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