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  • Report Recommends Change

    Hi everyone,

    First time posting on this site, and I have to say Im very glad I found it.

    Im currently going through a high conflict situation although I was never married. I thought I should post this for everyone to see in case anyone missed it.

    The wheels of justice move slow, but its a start, moreover its a chance to change things and get this destructive process in the spotlight.

    I try to keep up to speed on Family Law the world over, and while things are definately changing, it seems like theyre moving too slow. Our politicians need to understand that they may be able to take their time to figure these things out, but some of us are living in a financial/emotional hell waiting for change for the better.

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    Hello NeverGreen - what report are you referring to?


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      Oh my god I forgot to post the link....

      Here it is....I found this the other day and thought I should share.

      Report to Supreme Court chief justice calls for family law overhaul - The Globe and Mail


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        Sorry I forgot to put the link in....

        Report to Supreme Court chief justice calls for family law overhaul - The Globe and Mail


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          For some reason I cant post it....

          Ill try again here.....

          Report to Supreme Court chief justice calls for family law overhaul - The Globe and Mail

          Alternately just go to google....hit the 'news' tab and type 'family law canada' in the search engine.

          Hopefully this works here,


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            Check out the Globe and Mail, March 27.... article by journalist Kirk Makin.

            The report is being submitted to Supreme Court of Canada's Chief Justice B. McLachlin. It is apparently due for public release next month.... but some information has already made it to the media.

            I also saw some information about it on the front page of the Ottawa Citizen earlier this week, but my preliminary search of the Citizen website did not produce the information.

            It seems like a very interesting and important report and I am looking forward to learning more about it. One of the themes are the negative aspects of the adversarial system of justice (promoting and prolonging the fights). My understanding is that one of the recommendations is that the same judge be involved with a family law case as it proceeds through the system. On this particular matter I can see both pros and cons (one pro - one judge throughout the process may have a better understanding of the situation; one con - if the judge initially favours one of the parents this might turn into a bias influencing the case as it involves).

            Apologies for not being sufficient tech-savvy to directly post the link (maybe someone else can kindly can?).

            Also looking forward to learning more about the report and Ottawa Divorce Forum participants thoughts about it.


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              Report to Supreme Court chief justice calls for family law overhaul - The Globe and Mail

              Unfortunately the report does not reveal anything new. All the recommendations have been voiced for years by lawyers, judges, mediators, etc. etc., etc.

              Now, it would be a horse of a different colour if the recommendations were implemented. Who wants to start making bets whether that will happen or not?


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                Originally posted by oink View Post
                I raise you a dollar
                you need to pay your mortgage lol


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                  This wonderful country that I behold has produced many 'reports'. Crown commisioned reports, even.

                  Certainly it may be fun to debate, and this report adds fodder to te debate.

                  But I seek implementation - not reporting.


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