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Application for Divorce-Which Address should I use?

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  • Application for Divorce-Which Address should I use?

    My wife and I have been separated for a year now. We are going through the appropriate papers for a Simple Application for Divorce, since it's uncontested, with no children, no ownership of property, etc.
    My spouse lives in Toronto, which is where I'm from as well.
    However, I have been living in Quebec for the past 8 months, working on a contract job. I may very well be moving back to Toronto (to my original abode) by early summer.

    So which address should appear on all these divorce documents? The Quebec address or my Toronto address?

    Also: we're supposed to send in 2 self-addressed stamped envelopes with some of the signed documents. If I put my Quebec address on my envelope, and I'm not here to receive it, the mailed govt certificate could easily get lost in the shuffle.

    Suggestions? (please don't say "have my mail forwarded through Canada Post")

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    could you not get it sent to a relatives house?


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      I would suggest that you use the address in which you currently reside as your physical address. However, include a mailing address for a trusted friend or family member. Once you move back, update the court in which your application was file with your actual address in which you reside and update the mailing one as appropriate.


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        This is easy & doable.
        I was just concerned that having two addresses show up (one in the documents, and one on an envelope) will throw the govt bureaucrats into a tizzy. Anything out of the ordinary usually makes their eyes roll back in their skulls, followed by passing out. Just trying to avoid that. But, your suggestions seem reasonable.

        Do you have an opinion on Joint vs. Simple application?
        I know we both agree to the divorce, but the Simple version requires only one affidavit to be signed, and seems like less hassle, esp. since I'm here in Montreal, and my spouse, who is doing all the paperwork, is in Toronto.


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