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YES!! 3 yr nitemare almost over

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  • YES!! 3 yr nitemare almost over

    Wish I would have fired idiot.lawyers sooner and self represented...

    It's all I will say at this time, as a.continued settlement conference is next weds with same judge as she stated this is ridiculous, we can settle this..

    Felt hear what I've been telling my ex for 3 yr is true... Her lawyer.has lied to scam money. Ect ect.


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    Sounds familiar... Didn't help her lawyer.told het lies.. yeas I stop thinking about.this crap . I wasted like $12000 for nothing. Just legal games padding their pockets. I tried for Yeats to show this. To no avail. Now it likely is costing her dearly.

    No u don't have to pay marital debt. Was in his name
    You will get more than set off.....guidelines don't apply to u
    U can get spousal support. (Makes $55ooo+ yr)


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      There is no one that knows your case like you do. All you need to know is how the court system work and leave those lying thieving lawyers out of your life and your pockets. So, good for you.


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        Say that again... Closure will be so good (but they are so out there I bet they choose.trial. not to settle)... I'm not surprised about potential outcome. But unrealistic and lying lower Plus crazy thought of self entitlement, she will blow a gasket!!

        She's not gettin wish list

        No $40000 in equity
        No spousal
        No occupational rent
        Not.awarded.costs (has to be over $15g on hers)
        No back CS

        What i offered years ago in 4way...
        $420 a month cs (gets set off now...$140)
        $10000 from house refinance
        Half the rrsp
        Half pension
        Minimal legal fees if settled...

        Anger AMD emotion may prove costly


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          Her lawyer.really is a.piece.of work. Lol
          She txts yesterday trying to get me to admit.opening her mail 3 yr ago. Lol

          AMD today she txt me asking what kind of digital Nikon is!!!

          He sees.the end.And is milk every last cent out.of her....sad really

          Oh well, let him try to say. " oh your honor, he disclose a digital camera...". The judge will come.unglued, trying to slide in eveidnce.or whatever at out settltment conference... Wow is all I can say, unless he's trying to chip away at the NFP we did that shows.she owes Me $36000 due to what I brought into marriage. HOWEVER. I waived this I. My last two offers if she would just settle and screw.this

          Can't wait till weds.


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            It's interesting that you are so boldly confident that you will achieve success. Given your past postings, and particularly your admittance that you fraudulently refinanced the matrimonial home without disclosure of a matrimonial interest, I'm curious as to how that will play out in front of a judge. Presumably, you saved her equity from her bankruptcy trustee by committing fraud.

            I, too, will be interested in seeing your results on Wednesday. Please keep us updated as to the conclusion.
            Start a discussion, not a fire. Post with kindness.


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              I was scolded by the we had settlement conference already.

              Judge said I did what any normal person would marital debt, AMD finds it hard to punish me.

              She is firm and very fair... Shot down her spousal claim too..
              Judge said this is stupid. We are settling this weds!


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                And I'm not.over confident, nothing set in stone until signed and I don't have to think about it..

                But it seems pretty easy and straight foreward, take everything and split down the middle... Fair..simple.. but her lawyer told her she didn't have to pay half the debt for THREE years. Then in court the judge explains how black and white it is... That everything is right Dow. The middle... Right Mr. *@?#*@??!". He said right your honor".

                And.her bankruptcy was almost 7 years ago?? Mayne 8 now....
                And I refinanced as she wasn't on title or mortgage.. I wasn't screwing out of money.. I did what was be done anyway, and in turn, saving my sons home..


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                  A note of caution. What the case management judge says has no force of law. It may influence a rational actor but if your X is not rational, it may have very little impact.

                  Such was the case with my X. The judge told her she had no case but she was still intransigent. I appealed to her greed offering more than she would have gotten at trial in exchange for an immediate permanent settlement. It went to the final minute when the court was to close, but she took it.

                  So i did get my settlement, but it cost more than it should have. I paid extortion, but the alternative would have been to go to trial, which (a) is an emotional black hole, (b) is a turkey shoot no matter how solid your case, and (c) can never offer you a final irrevocable order.


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                    True. But having heard the truth from judge was big I think. Was never listening to me. And to fight. There is no $$ the judge did quick math and from debts and assets she may get a grand. Hardly worth the fight. She sees that now.. she believed and was told didn't matter if I paid debts. I screwed myself. Such wasn't the case as pointed out by judge.
                    Her lawyer ie a crook. Plain and simple. Lied to her about the simplest of things that a google search would have shown her


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