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Section 30 Assessment Etc

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  • Section 30 Assessment Etc

    What is a Section 30 Assessment in Family Law? Court ordered Office Of The Children's Lawyer to File a report. The order concern's custody and access of 17 month old. Mother has no intention of filing her Intake Forms with Children's Lawyer as per order. Mother represents herself. Father and his lawyer have filed and sent all neccessary documents. What will Children's Lawyer office think of the failure by mother to not submit documents?


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    It will be very difficult for the Office of the Children's Lawyer to complete a parental assessment on custody and access issues of the child. The children's lawyer may not take on the case and file a report that states something to the effect that due to non-co-operation of the mother they will not take on the case or the assessment has been impeded by the failure of the mother to complete the necessary criteria intake forms.

    Subsequent actions of the court is somewhat difficult to tell. However they don't take to kindly to someone that deliberately disobeys their orders.

    The court may hold the mother in contempt of their order. Question is this; is the mother willfully not complying with the court order, if so, the court can do a number of actions if found in contempt, such as striking her pleadings, subject her to prison, fines etc. Contempt of a court order is quasi criminal and is to be taken serious.



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      Thanks lv that's exactly the info I was looking for. And the mother's actions are deliberate it seems.



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