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Tips for dealing with OCL and Private Assessors

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    HI: I am a bit confused...don't all OCL cases go through a clinical investigator?


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      I thought so too.

      My ex is refusing to have a discussion with me on a section 7 expenditure item first before enrolling. I went to her lawyer and her response was well since the OCL has decided to get involved I will defer to them for their investigation/recommendation? That was her solution, so does the child sit in limbo now on the sect 7 expenditure because Mom won't have a discussion like an adult would and I don't get the lawyer's response, a lawyer has been appointed for the children, not an assessor necesarily. Isn't it up to the lawyer to determine if an assessor is to be involved as well?


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        We have a term in our separation that we agree to joint decision make on any extraordinary and special expenditures. She ignores this term of the agreement.


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          I think we are not off topic.


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            Rumour has it that OCL is taking our case. So... I may have more to contribute to this thread shortly.

            I'll start with: the application deadline was July 27, 2013, so I can only assume that both applications (mine and Xs) were sent in by that date.

            Apparently Xs lawyer believes the case was accepted, but my lawyer knows nothing about it. Geesh.

            I'll keep you posted.


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              Hey, when it is accepted they send both sides a letter letting them know that. If one counsel gets the letter and can see that the other side was not cc'd, then he/she has to let them know. That happened in our case.

              I just re-read the letter that OCL sent and interestingly, they note that opportunities to settle the issues may arise and the investigator may suggest ways in resolving the issues. This has not happened yet in our case and it doesn't seem to be a theme on this thread.

              Has anyone had an investigator suggest ways to resolve issues?


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                Again I think this is again off topic, the tread was a guide for dealing with assessors, not OCL lawyers.

                Perhaps we should start another thread. Before this thread gets so long that people won't read it.


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                  My apologies. The thread title reads, "Tips for Dealing with OCL and Private Assessors." I thought this might include OCL. Sorry, I will not post here any more about OCL.


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                    Sorry don't take offence, the post about being off topic was directed at more people than just you.
                    I created the thread to be a go to point or quick reference to get answers.
                    If you have a question regarding the topic then by all means ask away (in another thread) then once we get a good answer someone can post the information in the Reference Thread.

                    Before I created it, I found it increasingly hard to get answers on OCL and assessors and people were emailing me on the topic because they couldn't find answers either. Because there was so much discussion on it.

                    When there is so much to read in all the threads people get overwhelmed.

                    By placing the key points in one thread without discussion we create a reference point for asking more questions, which in turn can be added to the reference thread.

                    That's all my thoughts were. nothing personal.


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                      Originally posted by DontGiveUp View Post
                      Love your insights and feedback baldclub, just wonder what the judge then awarded you at your trial? Self-representing myself and was packaged off from work in the process as I try and pursue shared custody, somd joint decision making and 50/50 time sharing. Feeling a little deflated and concerned about the unemployed angle at the moment.
                      Trial was avoided and agreement was reached between us, for whatever reasons I'll probably never know. Just speculation. We agreed to a 50/50 week about schedule.

                      Your goal, in my total honest opinion, should only be to be a fully equal parent in all senses: decision-making and 'time sharing'. No more, no less. You will need to be able to support the children somehow, this is in the rules, whether from employment, spousal support or whatever. Have a very detailed plan for every contingency.

                      Work your ass off to achieve this, and don't let anyone tell you you can't do it. Yourself included.

                      Good luck.


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                        OCL Lawyer Questions

                        Is there some standard questions that OCL lawyers typically ask you in an interview?

                        I wanted the OCL involved and to do an assessment because of wild claims my ex made in her court documents about my parenting and how the children feel around me, and because I am concerned she is coaching them or beginning parental alienation.

                        Because of that I asked the OCL Lawyer if I could be present at his office when she brought the children in for their interview because I fear otherwise already a biased process, the kids go to the appointment with their Mom, know their Mom only is out there waiting, they aren't going to talk openly and honestly about their Mom. The lawyer said absolutely not. That the standard proceedure is she brings them in once, I bring them in once.

                        My concern is, the lawyer is not going to ask the children the same questions both days, what if on the day she is there, he asked the kids if they want to spend more time with me or not. I think the answer will be reflected on who the one parent is who brought them there and is waiting for them. Your thoughts or experience?


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                          The OCL investigator knows very well that both parents are lying and both of them will try to manipulate the child. They will factor this in.


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                            Both parents are lying?! Isn't that a broad brush you're painting all parents with?


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                              Yes, it is a broad brush, but it would be unrealistic to believe anything else, and this is what the OCL factors in.


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                                Does anyone know whether there is a real risk or not of an OCL lawyer at a settlement conference telling the judge they have determined what the children want / best interests of the children, tell the judge, and the SC judge makes an order on it at the SC even though you are set for trial and this SC was just requested (by myself) in hopes that the judge encourages the other party to hear and consider negotiating a settlement based upon my latest offer?

                                I am just concerned that having this SC that I requested and the other lawyer did not want to consent to backfires now that I have an OCL lawyer aggressively getting through interviews and wanting to attend the SC. I am running out of time as my brief is due tomorrow and the conference is in just over a week if I need to look and asking for it to be cancelled out of concern. I want a trial judge if we can't settle to hear and rule on our case and thought that SC judges cannot but a friend suggested it happened in their case.


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