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  • legal term definition help

    Hi, I was recently served divorce papers from my ex-wife and am proceeding without a lawyer. I have done research and am confident I can handle this. In her papers, there are "orders" against me and for the most part, I understand their meanings. One order though, I do not....maybe it's obvious but I just wanted some opinions or clarification. Here it is:

    " order amending the title of proceedings to reflect the names on the Marriage Certificate."


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    That means the Application was filed with names that do not reflect the marriage certificate. Likely, you were once Mr. A and Ms. B, and are now Mr. A and Mrs. A. She would like her name in the papers to go back to being Ms. B, but filed her application as Ms. A.

    I cannot think of any material way the Order could affect the proceedings, although I would infer that she is very emotional about things.

    In the alternative, they may be seeking a divorce and have had issues with the coloured form.


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      They are asking the name on the divorce certificate should be same as it is on the marriage certificate. I had a similar para in my divorce order and seems to be a standard procedure if names on the application are different from the names on the marriage certificate. (It makes things easier when you wish to remarry in future.)


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