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Any1 know about Quebec law

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  • Any1 know about Quebec law

    I'll try to be brief. Divorce after 18 year marriage. Husband earns 4 times wife (120K range) Wife accepts 1/2 value of house as equalization during mandated Quebec mediation. Nothing else. Assetts are 3 boats, a lake front chalet, matrimonial home, 5th wheel camper trailer, etc. Keep in mind she signs off on acceptance of 1/2 value of house, period. 50 -50 arrangement for 1 child with offset cs at 125.00 @ month. No spousal, no section 7 expenses, no division of CPP, RRSP's, no division of household contents what so ever, left with clothes on back. Ex husband claims he "paid" for contents therefore no division, she buys into it. During marriage he able to set aside money as his only payment is mortgage and hers is everything else. Mortgage had been paid in full therefore he keeps his pay cheque during marriage and she pays pays pays. He claims his obligation is done therefore this is fair.

    I think you get the picture now, ex wife was not really in tune with what was right. She had been convinced by him that regardless of 18 marriage what he purchased was his and he keeps it. I find it strange mediator does not clarify this. So they sign off on 1/2 value of house and absolutely nothing else.

    Ex wife now realizes this may not have been "fair" settlement, did not get independent legal advice, mediatiation only. Mediator is also a Quebec family lawyer.

    Ex husband continues to threaten to go back to court for various reasons, I think he honestly "belives" he got a bad deal. Having been on this site since the begining I believe he is dreaming.

    The seperation agreement was turned in to court order on consent. Waived any further claim including spousal and everything else.

    Does everyone else feel this is a fair deal and is it possible to change a year and a half later and if so where do you start. Does fact she did not obtain indpendent legal advise help at all. She is told that since she waived her rights it is over, no recourse, what do you think?
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