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yet another pile of BS he is starting

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  • yet another pile of BS he is starting

    now the ex has this big idea of moving out of the county we both currently reside in to move in with his flavour of the week and he wants to take my child with him (thats providing he feels he can take custody from me)......he is the one who wrote in his reply to my initial filing that I moved to the opposite side of the city without his permission thus making it difficult for him to access his the moron wants to move to complelty different county ( I live in ottawa carleton county and he wants to move to renfrew county).......he has this notion even though we are still cureently in court for custody........will this be a disadvantage to him and do I have legal grounds to stop him.........he likes to fuel the fire that is already burning

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    don't let your ex get your goat. The charter of rights and freedom guarantees everyone's right to move. You cannot stop him from moving.

    The first thing I would like to point out is the courts are highly unlikely to interrupt the status quo living arrangement of your child. A span of five years demonstrates your ability to care for your child. The bond you have and stability of your family unit are critical factors that would be scrutinized. I realize there is no court order in place in regards to custody but what your ex is proposing is a major fundamental change for the child. At best the courts may endorse a joint custodial order, However, in consideration of his lack of co-operation, and conduct, I suspect that regime may be out of the question.

    Renfrew County is not that far from Ottawa Carleton. In case your not aware, the city of Ottawa limits does extend to the Arnprior City Limits which is considered Renfrew County. The move is trivial. There is no reason why access cannot occur.

    The courts would not see this as a drastic move. Geographical distance is minimal. I suspect the current access regime in place would survive with slight modifications for the commute.

    Remember the onus is on your ex to prove that a proposed custody arrangement is in the best interest of the child.



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