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Child Abduction - Stephen Watkins Update

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  • Child Abduction - Stephen Watkins Update

    Glitch delays ruling in Polish abduction case

    YorkRegion Article: Glitch delays ruling in Polish abduction case

    From the article:

    A hearing today was supposed to determine Mr. Ustaszewski's fate, but technical difficulties with the judge's computer kept the decision from being released.

    The hearing will take place later this month at the earliest.
    Outside the courthouse, Mr. Watkins told the he didn't blame the judge for the technical glitch, but admitted he is concerned important information about the case may have gone missing.

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    This landmark case needs to be settled regarding the assitance provided to abduction in contravention of a custody and access 282.(1) and for other parents who's children have been abducted with assistance from relatives in contravention of 283.(1).

    Although the CLRA, FLR and other measures were put in place to end this kind of conduct it ultimately comes to the Criminal Code of Canada to truly enforce the law and not that of a Family Court when the conduct happens.

    The "truisms" regarding parental abduction need to be addressed by the court and new case law is required to end this kind of deplorable conduct by parents who with the assistance of their family take the law into their own hands.


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      Any update on the legal proceedings re the children who were not returned to their custodial mother and were kept in hiding in Mexico for five years?


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        Originally posted by Gladtobesingleagain View Post
        Any update on the legal proceedings re the children who were not returned to their custodial mother and were kept in hiding in Mexico for five years?
        The news reports that they were returned to their mother and they are in hiding to allow for the proper professionals to get involved to rebuild the realtionship between the mother and children.

        There are extradition agreements with Mexico through NAFTA I believe. That is why those children were quickly returned from Mexico possibly.

        From what I have read in the public media it appears the children are home safe and sound. No word on what is going to happen to the father through with regards to abduction charges. I hope they processes them against the father.

        The abduction of children in contravention of the CCC 283.(1) and 282.(1) is a form of psychological abuse against both the "left behind parent" and the children. More needs to be done to address this kind of conduct by abusing parents and the courts need to take a much stronger stance against parents who act in this manner.

        Good Luck!


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          I hope he is charged. And gets jail too.

          I recall he had family who helped him in his abduction scheme and are charged; I hope the same can said for the above mother's father.


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            Does anyone know what happened to Patricia O'byrne, from BC, abducted daughter 20 yrs ago? I know they put her in jail for a while but once she was released haven't heard anymore, just curious...


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              Watkins Missing Children - UPDATE THREAD

              NEW - Please see this link for updates on this case:



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                Patricia O'Byrne was sentenced today - conditional sentence (no jail). No jail time for woman who fled to B.C. with daughter - Toronto - CBC News

                Not much of a deterrent for other parents thinking of doing the same thing.


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