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Will information in Offer

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  • Will information in Offer

    My ex has submitted a first offer to me a few weeks ago. In it he has a paragraph that I would expect to find in a will, not in a settlement offer.

    Is this normal / supposed to be in the offer ? My worry is that it is so brief, it doesn't encompass everything in my will (nor his I imagine). Do you expand and include all details around the children (in the event of death) in the offer ? or would you state something similiar to "Refer to current will..." Thanks !

    "If either parent dies, the custody of the children will go to..."

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    Legally, unless otherwise agreed, if one parent dies, custody will revert to the living parent automatically.

    HOWEVER, there have been recent cases of this where the family of the deceased parent interfered and caused issues.

    Having something like that in should act to prevent such from happening.


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